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Tropea / Calabria – Italy
May 15 - 25, 2020


A heartily welcome to the 17th Dahab Holiday Dance Festival in Calabria, Italy’s wild and romantic boot tip. On the clear, colorful glittering waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea with its imposing cliffs and beautiful beaches and bays lies Tropea.
Calabria is characterized by coastal and mountain landscapes with lush vegetation, beautiful bays and wonderful beaches, picturesque villages and rural culture. Known for its good food, we are also looking forward to many culinary delights to enjoy with the Calabrian specialties. Good appetite!

I am looking forward to two wonderful, unmistakably Italian dancers, to Sara Pappalardo, dancer and organizer in oriental and Indian dance, full of elegance, esprit and grace, living near in the city of Catania / Sicily. And to Silvia Brazolli, expressive from the foot to the fingertips. As a creative-young, excellent dancer from northern Italy she was already involved in Jillina's Bellydance Evolution dance group.
With Ebru Bekker from Moscow and Luxor from St. Petersburg, we will meet two internationally known and extremely lovable artists, and we can experience how extremely creative, spirited and personable the Russian dance scene is.
I am particularly happy to welcome Raksan from Berlin and TAI (Dance-Expression-Improvisation) at the festival. Get ready for inspiring, challenging, joyful and also some crazy experiences.

Tropea Marina

Demo2 third
Melli Sarina (Germany)
Demo2 fourth
Aziza (Canada)
Demo2 first
Silvia Brazolli (Italy)
Demo2 third
Luxor (Russia)
Demo2 third
Gamila (Germany)
Demo2 fourth
Azad Kaan (Ger., Turkey)
Demo2 fourth
Ebru Bekker (Russia)
Demo2 fourth
Chronis Taxidis (Greece)
Demo2 third
????????Raksan (Germany)
Demo2 third
Yalia (Austria)
Demo2 first
Mardshana (Germany)
Demo2 third
Sara Pappalardo (Italy)
Demo2 fourth
Anjuli (Germany)
Demo2 fourth
Tara - Organizer

* An unforgettable event *
international stars and starlets

sparkling shows,
excellent workshops,
like being in a big family


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