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Gamila (Germany)

Gamila started with her Oriental Dance education in 1988. Since 18 years she is in and out of Europe active as a successful dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is one of the rare Raks Sharki dancers who are able to transport the authentic Egyptian dance-feeling with all its facets. Gamila's way of dancing is discribed as floatng, fresh and light, full of expression and technically perfect. Her lessons are clearly structured, profounded and full of humor. Since 1994 – with the help of 8 other teachers - she is leading her well flourishing dance-centre YA Salam in Ingolstadt/Germany. With her dance-partner and friend Manis Sjahroeddin from Düsseldorf she founded an international successful duo 10 years ago which is especially well known for their exceptional choreographies.

Info: www.yasalam.de


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