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Anjuli (Ger.)

has been teaching oriental dance in the area of ??Kerpen near Cologne for now 25 years.
In 1998, she brought together her two biggest passions, dance and theater, and founded the "Oriental Dance Theater", first as a student’s show, which quite soon developed as a semi-professional quality.
The elaborate stagings enriche the cultural landscape of the region and became very popular – and prove Anjuli’s ability as an organizer, choreographer, dancer and author of her screenplays.
The 60-member ensemble consists of dedicated dancers of her weekly classes as well as Anjuli's own cast of actors.
Each new dance theater show takes more than 3000 guests into the realm of colors and sounds, and is performed on the same stage over a period of 3 months up to 14 times.
In the spring of 2019, the Oriental Dance Theater presented "Sternstunden", the 11th production since its inception.
Anjuli's specialty is the development of popular stage dances as well as the music selection and designs of matching group costumes.
As a workshop offer Anjuli presents one of your favorite choreographies, which is suitable for all dancers who want something smart for themselves or for their dance group to take it home.
All information about Anjuli and the Oriental Dance Theater at www.Anjuli-Tanz.de

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