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Shalymar (Germany)

is an elegant and sensual dancer from Berlin, Germany
Deeply in love with Arabic music she has devoted her life to Oriental Dance - teaches and performs internationally.
Coming from a strong background in western dance forms such as ballet, jazz and modern, she aims to preserve the original style and feeling of Egyptian and Arabic dance and culture, while blending in modern elements - creating her own and unmistakable unique style.
From years teaching and performing, dance has become her passion and her students describe her classes as being well structured and demanding but warm and energetic at the same time. In 2007 she founded “Hayal-Oriental Moves” –her dance school in Berlin where she’s organised international Bellydance Events such as Egyptian Flavour, Dancing Dreams, Yalla Dance and Bellydance Evolution to name a few.
Since 2010 Shalymar has been part of Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution team and has in collaboration, delivered performances worldwide.


oriental dance festival - oriental dance journeys to Morocco, Greece and Portugal

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